Healthy Potty Habits

If you haven’t been talking about your potty habit, you should be. It is an extremely important part of our quality of life. Having physical issues with our bladder and bowel can affect us socially, emotionally and mentally.

Getting to the heart of this means asking yourself

1. How often do I use the bathroom?

2. When do I have a normal urge to urinate, how long can I delay before you have to go to the toilet?

3. How often do I have a bowel movement and when?

4. What do my bowel movements typically look like?

5. When do I have an urge to have a bowel movement, how long can I delay before you have to go to the toilet?

6. Do I find it difficult to empty your bladder or bowel?

7. Am I on any medications?

8. What does my diet look like?

What do you need to know about our bladder and bowel?

  • The bladder can hold about 400-600 ml of fluid– about 2 cups worth.

  • We should be emptying our bladder between four and eight times per day, and zero to 1 time per night

  • When the bladder hits about 40% of its capacity (150-200 mL), we feel the first urge to empty the bladder. There is a process involves a very complicated set of reflexes that occur in the brain and brainstem, the bladder, and the pelvic floor.

  • It takes about 3 hours to fill your bladder.

  • It should take about eight to twelve seconds to empty the bladder

  • Urine flow should be strong and steady.

  • Your pelvic floor contracts to store and relaxes to empty.

  • You should a minimum of 3 defecations per week.