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MariMeg Flannery

Infant Massage Client

"I can't say enough positive things about Leticia's infant massage course! The classes are fun, interesting, easy to follow, and provide an opportunity to really bond with your baby. Leticia is a fantastic teacher and really knows her stuff! I am looking forward to using the techniques that I learned for years to come. Now when I massage my 3 month old, his entire face lights up and his smile is priceless. For just a small investment, the returns are enormous.”

Ashanti Rivera

Women's Pelvic Floor Health

"I felt like I needed an assessment after having the baby. Leticia is amazing. It's nice to talk to someone who is actually trained in certain areas, to help either reassure you, validate what you know, and/or offer you new information. Leticia was able to do all of that. I must say, things are feeling better already after just two days of some pelvic floor exercises. So, if you're in CT (especially the Hartford area) go check her out."

Francesca Menghi

Infant Massage Class

"Little G and I loved these classes! We are making use of all the great techniques we learned on a daily basis! We also learned a few strokes that really helped during G's colicky outbursts! As a huge plus, as a trained PT, Leticia provided lots of advice on pelvic floor PT. She is simply awesome and at the end of this program you'll end up with a great new friend as well!"

Marie Elyse Forget

Discovery Call

"Thank you to the super inspiring capoeirista and physical therapist Leticia Formiguinha Jacquet with whom I shared my difficulties and who helped me overcome my little challenges!"

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