Too much mind on the gap

Updated: Apr 9, 2020

Diastasis recti; working around it

A birth story, part two.

Two years after Lourdes was born, I felt like

I was ready for baby number two;

Step 1 - Make sure that our first child was potty trained

Step 2 - Convince my husband that I was ready for baby number two

Other measures that were put in place for the second time around were:

  • Postpartum support for at least a month

  • A months worth of frozen meals

  • Mommy friends

  • Daily exercise postpartum plan.

I want to say everything went according to plan, but it didn't. Our little one was prepared for battle and it was a fight to get her out (Her names literally means ready for battle, so it was foretold). She decided to hangout in my womb longer than what was medically allowed, so I was given a date to be induced. As if she was in on the conversation, 2 days before our induction appointment, she sprung into action and I went into labor. Labor was long, but I was prepared to have her vaginally without medication. So much for a plan! After getting into every position known to man... some new ones that I made up, I progressed to dancing and pacing. Hours later, there was still no progression, so we decided to go the medicated route. There was still no progress, then we were told that her heart beat had begun to weaken, and as a physical therapist understanding the implications of what lack of oxygen can do to the brain