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Thin line between joy and pain

Updated: Oct 11, 2023

A C-Section story

"Loud thunder, heavy rain

Thin line between joy and pain

It's a long strange trip, it's all insane

You ain't ever gonna be the same" Cody Jinks. I'm not big on country music but this verse reminded me of my C- Section delivery of my second child.


My second child was born in April 2013 and it felt right to write this blog post on the month of her birth and during Cesarean Awareness Month. My first pregnancy was a natural birth experience and I was determined to give it another shot. I want to say everything went according to plan, but it didn't. Our little one was prepared for battle and it was a fight to get her out (Her names literally means ready for battle, so it was foretold). She decided to hangout in my womb longer than what was medically allowed, so I was given a date to be induced. As if she was in on the conversation, 2 days before our induction appointment, she sprung into action and I went into labor. Labor was long, but I was prepared to have her vaginally, without medication.

So much for a plan!

After getting into every position known to man... and some new ones that I made up, I progressed to dancing and pacing. Hours later, there was still no progression and we were advised to go the medicated route. After some more time had passed, there was still no progress and the doctor advised that Xiomara's heart beat had begun to weaken. As a physical therapist, I am super conscious of the impact of oxygen on brain development or lack there of... And just like that we were off to the OR (Operating Room) and were on plan C.

Unplanned C-Section here we go.

C-Section scar
That's my C-section scar

Let's stop here to share a few things that you need to know...

1. Not all deliveries will be a C-section, but if you do have to go through one, this is what happens to you body?

Different layers of tissue are surgically cut to get to your baby via a C-Section.

After I viewed this video and countless others, I was pretty confused as to why a visit from a physical therapist didn't take place at the hospital prior to leaving or even given a referral for one.

My husband tore his ACL and left the hospital with a recovery plan and a nearly mandatory prescription for 6 months of physical therapy. I went through 24 hours of labor, they cut through 7 layers of tissues and I left the hospital with a brand new baby girl, discharge papers and a plan to connect in 6 week. Word to the wise GET A PHYSICAL THERAPY REFERRAL AFTER EVERY PREGNANCY....C-SECTION OR NOT.

Regardless of how you delivered, your body goes through extreme changes during child development. Your body deserves the same right to be nurtured and rehabilitated to its maximum capability. If you would like more support after your c-section please feel free to contact me. You can also check out this video and handout to help you get started on managing your scar.

2. Get help!!!!


I won't lie, I can be stubborn, but after my first postpartum experience I was determined to have help in place. My Mom moved in with us for about 2 months. God bless a mother's heart and soul. What I mean by get help...

1. find someone that you trust to tend to other children, 2. get help from those who you like their cooking or pack your freezer with freezer ready meals for at least a month, etc. 3. If your significant other is in the picture, make sure there is a thorough honey do list they can access without your help. 4. Line up a few friends you wouldn't mind an early visit from that you enjoy their company and conversation. If you don't have support, consider looking into a postpartum doula.

3. Rest whenever you can and check-in with your physical therapist about 2 weeks post for a quick follow-up.

4. Essentials to have handy at home- Squatty potty for better toileting position, pillow, postpartum support belt (optional).

We hope this information was helpful and know that you don't have to do this alone.

Don't hesitate to contact us. At Little Antz Physical Therapy, we pride ourselves in educating moms. We offer in-office and virtual visits. If you have any questions don't hesitate to contact us by using our Complementary Discovery Call.

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