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Does your child spend more than 25% of their day on their toes?

Did your doctor say "let's wait and see"?

Do you leak urine with movements?

Does your child look toward one direction?

Are you experiencing pelvic pain that interferes with your daily routine?

169 Oakwood Avenue
West Hartford, CT 06119

(entrance through parking lot)

Our Mission

Our mission is to provide specialized pediatric and women’s health pelvic floor physical therapy in a practical and compassionate manner. By doing so we hope to bridge the gap between much needed postpartum recovery care and the early years of your child’s gross motor development.


Women's Pelvic

Floor Health

Looking for a tailored postpartum recovery plan that fits your daily routine and lifestyle?



Physical Therapy

Concerned about your child hitting their developmental milestones or want to improve their quality of life?


Can't Miss

Classes & Events

Try something new! From infant massage classes, to Capoeira, to morning meet-ups and more!

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