When the acting stops!

The story behind the camera. Celebrity moms giving us a peek into the world that we know exists, but is never spoken about.

I came across a video of Drew Barrymore getting to know her pelvic floor. In the video she is having a real conversation with her daughters about aging and Drew getting to know her body, specifically her core and pelvic floor, after giving birth. This video has already gone viral on the internet, but I caught on a little later. Even being later to the show, my IG account post received over 2,200 views. This was by far the most views that this IG newbie has ever received on social media.

Click here for video

Why are we still acting?????

This isn't about me and or even Drew, It's about the conversations not being had, the silent and lonely mom recovery journey and the acceptance of historical normal that doesn’t need to be.

Are you two kids in and just getting around to wondering why you are still feeling the effects of labor? We don't need a celebrity to break the silence, but sometimes their large stage helps spread the message? We need to drive and question our postpartum care, especially in the USA? As I write, I might be venting or projecting my concerns, but I've seen what deferring your pelvic floor recovery does to your longer term livelihood and it doesn't have to be that way. Sharing our stories, victories and failures, opens the communication lines and creates an environment where we stop allowing pelvic dysfunction and other postpartum issues to be considered a normal part of the process.

When do we begin to get comfortable with the conversation?

When we stop acting and start asking questions. The minute I realized this for myself, I won't lie, it wasn't easy, I began to see changes in my mood and activity level. I also realized that other women were having a difficult time with the postpartum recovery phase, but figured it was normal because "no one spoke about it".

I'm here to tell you that;